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About Us

The New Portland MCHP group consisted of partners from MSAD #74, the New Portland Community Library, and the New Portland Historical Society. The volunteers from MSAD #74 included: Katie Hall, Amanda Pingree, and Jaime Steward. The volunteers from the New Portland Community Library included: Petrina Bearor, and Deb Clague. The volunteers from the New Portland Historical Society included: Petrina Bearor, Marilyn Gorman, and Dianne Pease.

We would like to give special thanks to:

Central Elementary School Students and Staff
7th and 8th Grade Journalism Students at Carrabec Community School
Gerald Strickland
Bucky Emery
Meredith Knowles
Helen Atwood
New Portland Fire Department- Kip Poulin
Orono Special Collections department- Fogler Library at UMO

About MCHP

The Maine Community Heritage Project (MCHP), a partnership between the Maine Historical Society and Maine State Library, is an innovative program that promotes collaboration between local schools, historical societies, and public libraries through the exploration and celebration of local history. The MCHP grows out of the Maine Memory Network, the Maine Historical Society’s nationally recognized statewide digital museum. The Maine Memory Network features a constantly growing online collection of more than 15,000 historical items contributed by over 200 historical organizations around Maine; nearly 100 online exhibits that explore a diverse range of themes and topics in Maine history; lesson plans; a gallery of student history projects; online tools that allow site visitors to create and share their own albums; and much more. This project is supported by a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum & Library Services.